The Traditional View of Customer Sentiment

Whether they use Rule Lists or Machine Learning models or something in between, sentiment analysis in this case focuses on the investigation of whether your customers evaluate your service or product as negative, neutral or positive. That is all!

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Breviscope's Approach 

Through a unique linguistic analysis, we have found that customers express a wide range of sentiments. These sentiments regard the things they feel, see, hear, smell, taste, and touch and are motivated by particular events or situations that occur in your business.

For us, in summarizing customer sentiments as negative, neutral or positive, we are just telling you the title of the "story". Our goal is to tell you the entire story! 

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“The choices of words and phrases as well as the metaphors, the euphemisms and the hyperboles are traces given by your customers in the testimonials so that we learn about who they are, the conditions in which the testimonials were created and what reason they were created.”
— Robson Albuquerque, Owner of Breviscope

Customer sentiments provide valuble clues

By learning about how your customers feel the way they do, we will be able to learn what in your business triggers those feelings or sentiments. We will call them 'Sentiment Triggers'.


Customers sentiments are motivated by the type of business

Customers share their sentiments about the things they buy but some businesses are more likely to get more attention than others. 


Customer sentiments are more authentic on the internet

We found that social media is a place where customers can spontaneously express their sentiments about your business. Insights derived from customers' talk on social media are great for a moment of reflection and planning because they are authentic.


Sentiments are 'sprinkled' everywhere

Customers believe how they feel about your service or product is important for other customers. These sentiments are sprinkled throughout a single testimonial! 

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Misery loves company

Customer sentiments can bring other customers together because people are driven by emotions that can be easily identified by other customers.


Customer Sentiment Matters

Sentiments are great source of how customers overall perceive the business (including a particular service or a product) and how this perception change and evolve over time. 


Learn how you can apply the insights you gain with our report for the success of your business.