Case Studies

One of the goals of any business owner is to find opportunities for increasing sales. Here are some practical examples of how companies used the insights Breviscope provided to do just that.


Airbnb Accomodations

"Which room do my guests often talk about in the reviews? and which one do they not talk about? and why?" - Owner

Result -

In this project, we found that the guests often talked about the <kitchen> and the <bathroom>. We then found that the guests often use 'strong words' or sentiments, such as, fantastic and wonderful, to describe these two rooms but not the other rooms.

Looking into the future

The business owner decided to give the <bedrooms> a little touch. Now, the guests start to review them too, giving the listing more visibility on social media. 




"Which menu (seafood versus steaks) do my guests often review over the summer? Why don't they review my desserts?" - Manager

Result -

In this project, we found that the guests very often talk about the <steaks> because the <seafood> is reviewed under the general category of <food>. This means, that the <steaks> in this restaurant have its own "personality", so to speak; it is reviewed "as if" they were not under the category of 'food'. We find that this often occurs when the guests identify certain foods as special or the signature meal of a restaurant. 

Looking into the future

The restaurant owner will now work on the dessert menu and promote one or two desserts that can potentially become their signature dessert. Breviscope will help find appropriate wordings for the menu and the waiters when addressing the desserts.