1. Attract new customers

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Be Certified by Breviscope

Being certified by Breviscope means that your customers' testimonials were carefully read and examined. It means that you paid close attention to what your customers had to say. It means that you were open for suggestions. Let them know that you made efforts to understand what all the previous customers had in mind and that you are synced with them! This will create trust and trust creates word-of-mouth marketing to your business.

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Overall Testimonials Matter

Every business wants to find ways to show how previous customers related to your products or services. Exposing individual testimonials on the website is a good idea.Make sure your customers, as a group, feel that their overall opinion also matter. Create 'Overall Testimonials' alongside your 'Individual Testimonials'. This will bring more credibility to your business. The opinion of one customer matters, the opinion of many matters even more! 

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Expose the results on your website and social media page

What if you could expose what your previous customers, as a group, have said about your business on the internet? Our report will provide you with special content that can be used in social media ads, such as the one you see here!

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2. Use knowledge to build success


Breviscope staff meeting

We offer an one-hour general staff meeting. We will expose what the customers have requested, complained, recommended, suggested, acknowledged in the previous year. We will bring valuable insights which address each department in your business and motivate them to do better. A great opportunity to listen from the outside the box.

For more information about Breviscope staff meeting, click here.

Improve your products and services

Once we identify that your customers often talk enthusiastically about your 'dessert menu', but not so much about your 'main course menu', we will instantly know that something can still be done. Once we find that most of your customers describe a particular product showing little enthusiasm, we instantly assume that something is still missing. We will help you anticipate what is missing before your customers go on social media announcing what is missing.


Keep track of what your customers have in mind over time

Stay informed about what your customers enjoyed the most and the least in your service or product in the past years and be prepared for the following year. We will help you keep track of your progress as viewed by your customers.

Satisfaction Indicator 

Anticipate when your customers are not satisfied with your service or a product and bring change. And when you know your customers are happy with your service or product, take your time and celebrate! It is also important to know which business ideas worked successfully! 


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