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We are Linguists

Mr. Robson Gomes-Höppner, Founder & CEO

Mr. Gomes-Höppner is a linguist and a discourse analyst with extensive international experience, both in academia and in business institutions. He holds two Masters of Arts from Montclair State University in New Jersey and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Freie Universität Berlin.

Gomes-Höppner is influenced by the studies of critical discourse analysis by Paul Baker and Van Dijk and of (institutional) discourse by Alice Freed and Susan Ehrlich. One of his interest includes the investigation of persuasion and concession strategies in interaction across different cultures. In addition to his studies, Gomes-Höppner has extensive working experience in analyzing institutional discourse in the fields of medicine, law, and customer service. As a linguist, he has worked in Brazil, Canada, China, the United States and Germany.

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Breviscope does not exist by itself -- we have a dedicated team that works tirelessly to put together an idea resulted from intensive research, thinking, planning, dedication and passion. Besides linguists, we work with freelancers in several capacities, such as, marketing, data analysis, data mining, designing, and accounting. We are still work in progress, though the enthusiasm is already here! 


“The choices of words and phrases as well as the metaphors, the euphemisms and the hyperboles are traces given by your customers in the testimonials so that we learn about who they are, the conditions in which the testimonial were created and what reason they were created.”
— Gomes-Höppner, Owner of Breviscope

What Motivates Us

Breviscope was built to help small business owners cope with hundreds or thousands of customers testimonials. As we know, customer testimonials have changed dramatically since the rise of social media - not only customers have become more active, the population of costumers reviewing businesses has largely increased. Social media has become then a new 'home' for customers to leave a footprint.

This footprint, in turn, has changed in form and functions; customers are now doing more than just complaining and complimenting. They are now engaging or disengaging others through their sentiments. We are here to help your business engage returning customers with new customers by keeping track of their sentiments.


Too many testimonials?

We understand that today it is really overwhelming for businesses to assess hundreds and thousands of customer testimonials. Well, we will do just that for you! 


More gains 

Responding to customer testimonials is the least business owners can do. We will take customer testimonials to a whole new level in business development. We will gain powerful insights from them and turn them into business actions and opportunities.

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Customer testimonials on social media

We believe that customer testimonials on social media are today the most spontaneous assessment of business and the new source of business ideas and the new word-of-mouth with a dramatic twist - it reaches a wider population and faster!


Chaotic nature of social media

We find hundreds and thousands of testimonials that together can appear rather chaotic. Don't worry! We structure our data through advanced linguistic tools. In fact, we catalogize each and every word we find about your business so that we can verify what your customers think of particular service or product with one click!


Spontaneous customer testimonials

We want customers to express how they feel in the most spontaneous way and we encourage customers to do so. Our clients choose to gain insights through the study of interaction between customers because the insights come out from a more unbiased and truthful situation.  


Connect With Us

We’d love to hear from you. Whether you have a question, comment or want to send us a signal that you need a project for your business, jsut send us a message!

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