Linguistic Consultancy

Do you have too many customer reviews? Would you like to gain insights from those reviews?

Would you like to host a press conference or presentation and sound interactive, clear and natural? Are you targeting a Silicon-Valley style?

This is the place for you!

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What is Customer Sentiment?

You may be able to read 10 or 20 customer reviews each time. But what happens when your business receives 100, 800 or even 5,000 testimonials? Are you reading them carefully and taking notes? We can help!


From Unstructured Data to Structured Data

Customer Sentiment Research

From Insights to Business Actions

  • Data Mining. Customer testimonials are basically everywhere on the internet. A large sample of your customers' testimonials will be examined as one single text.

  • Annotation. Your customers' testimonials will receive special annotation that will help us learn more about them and the things they have in mind.

  • Information mining. The content of their testimonials varies enormously. We will create a topical archive for your future consultation.

  • Understanding Review Basics. You will learn more about your customers' behavior in writing a review.

  • Sentiment Tracking. You will get to know the sentiments shared by your customers from most to least frequently used and the most and least frequent “Sentiment Triggers” (e.g. a specific service or product).

  • A clear and detailed analysis report with final comments is submitted.

  • You will receive a booklet of findings for company reference.

  • Service Discussion Session, seizing the opportunity to make improvements and create new opportunities.

  • Customization for service teams or for corporate stakeholders, Breviscope presentation informs and empowers.

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Your business has over 3,000 testimonials on social media. How many customers are recommending your service and what do they recommend about?



Presentation and Press Conference Support

You had a great idea and created your own startup, now is it time to show your customers or investors what your product or service looks like, but you lack language structure combined with spontaneity? Would you like to turn your conference interactive and adopt a Silicon Valley style? Come practice with us!

  • Content organization

  • Finding words and phrases that resonate

  • Developing intonation patterns in messages

  • Pausing strategies for catching interests

  • Speech practice (in site) - getting inspired by what you sell


Written Language Support

Are you selling a piece of furniture that comes with a manual but your customers are still struggling to assemble it? If so, that indicates that the text you wrote is not doing the job you expected. Let us help you. We will test your manuals!


Are you providing a menu with your dinner specials and after reading it, your customers are often asking “What is this?”. This indicates that the text you wrote is not doing the job you expected. Contact us and we will test the menu!


Our Clients


The things you say and how you say them have an impact on the performance of your business

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Apps & Technology

Hair Salons






Restaurants & Cafes



Why Breviscope?

Main Goals

  • We will take customer reviews to a whole new level in business development,

  • We will gain valuable business insights through the study of interaction between customers found in on-line reviews,

  • We will inspire the business owners to grow, to get motivated and to improve products or service, keeping at the same time a good on-line reputation.

Spontaneous Customer Interaction

  • On-line customer testimonials represent the most honest assessment of businesses available,

  • On-line customer testimonials are the new word-of-mouth marketing,

  • On-line customer testimonials reach a wider population of new customers and faster!,

  • Many businesses have difficulties in self-monitoring their on-line customers reviews.

Unique Method

  • Many social media analysis tools identify patterns by simply counting nouns. For us, this is just the beginning,

  • Using proprietary linguistic tools and analysis, we examine the conversations surrounding relevant words, allowing us to extract the real sentiments, including the aspects of your business that trigger them,

  • We examine customers' talk in spontaneous settings (no more surveys!), such as, on social media and review portals.


Powerful Insights

  • Updated linguistic methods and social intelligence are united for the purpose of gaining valuable insights about your customers’ sentiments,

  • Qualitative and quantitative data together can steer valid and concrete results,

  • With our customer sentiment research, business owners gain an understanding about what trigger customers to like and to dislike about the service or product.

Instant Action

  • We provide business owners with insights that can be used to improve products and services,

  • We inspire business owners to create new business opportunities,

  • Business owners can also use our reports in the annual staff meetings and share the results,

  • Business owners incorporate the findings into marketing strategies.

Optimistic Approach 

  • Never be overwhelmed again with those hundreds or thousands of reviews,

  • We help you transform your customer testimonials into something positive, clear, and beneficial for your business and customers,

  • When businesses know how to observe their customers, they'll have the guidance they need to make their products and services more attractive.

“The choices of words and phrases as well as the metaphors, the euphemisms and the hyperboles are traces given by business owners and customers about the business itself.”
— Gomes-Höppner, Owner of Breviscope